Biomedical Equipment Services in Houston
We service a myriad of medical offices and facilities including hospitals, private practices, dental offices, and outpatient clinics. We often let the work done by our team of experienced and highly-trained engineers speak for itself. From imaging equipment repair, biomedical maintenance, preventive maintenance, and beyond, we have an eye for finding the right solution for your business.

By choosing Gray & Green BioMedical Services, we make managing your medical facility easier. Aside from our equipment services, we offer building maintenance, preventive maintenance, and on-site repairs.

Building Repairs
We can help you work on and take care of the odds and ends of your facility.
Medical Equipment Repairs
Our team of service engineers value your time and the amount of work that goes into maintaining a top-notch medical facility in Houston.
Medical Equipment Inspections
Lower the risk of error, keep up with required compliance requests, and keep your facility operating at peak performance by utilizing our preventive maintenance services.
Diagnostic Imaging Repairs
For diagnostic equipment that is costly and essential to most medical practices, we deeply understand how serious diagnostic imaging maintenance and repairs can be.

Laser Equipment Repair

We provide clients with the ultimate experience and utilize our comprehensive maintenance and repair services for cosmetic and surgical laser machinery.
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