Meet Inspection Requirements
Part of running a successful medical business includes making sure that your equipment inspections are current. Are you certain that your medical equipment inspections are up-to-date? At Gray & Green BioMedical Services, we provide the team and tools you need to assure that your medical equipment not only performs at its best, but that it meets regulation requirements as well. We specialize in inspections that require compliance through The Joint Commission, which distributes highly coveted certifications and accreditations .
Joint Commission Inspections (JCAHO)
The Joint Commission certification assures a high level of performance based on the quality of care patients receive and organization-required operations that allow the facility to run safely and effectively.
  • Complete initial inspections
  • Take inventory of all assets
  • Calibrate all equipment
  • Electrical safety inspections
  • Performance testing
  • Preventative maintenance

Electrical Safety Test (Est)

Performing electrical safety tests are a priority for us to help ensure the security of our clients and their patients. Using ill-equipped medical devices with electrical issues can result in some serious consequences. We do our part to make sure all equipment is regularly checked and running at the manufacturers’ specifications. Electrical equipment should equally mirror all NFPA 99 Standard for Healthcare Facilities Code, guidelines, and hospital or clinic-specific policies.
Performance Test (PT)
In conjunction with performing electrical safety tests, we will conduct performance tests on vital equipment throughout your medical facility. Examples of these items include stretchers, beds, and all other electrical devices used during a patient’s visit.
Preventive Maintenance (PM)
The best way to keep equipment issues at bay is by having your facility participate in preventative maintenance tests. Preventative maintenance helps businesses lower the risk of error and keep up with required compliance requests. By solving the smaller issues before they turn into larger ones, your business won’t miss a beat because it will continue to operate at peak performance all year long. Once an initial inspection is complete, we will take careful inventory of all assets, and calibrate your equipment.

With Gray & Green BioMedical Services, we can help you take care of it all. From equipment inspections and maintenance, to repairs and more, we are your medical equipment solution.
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