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Find quality work you can trust when you select our medical equipment repair in Houston, Texas. With Gray & Green BioMedical Services, you will always receive medical equipment repair and maintenance on biomedical devices from quick and skillful OEM-qualified technicians. Our Biomedical Equipment Technician Specialists (BMETs) handle everything from installation and calibration to testing, inspection, and repair. Depending on your facility needs, Gray & Green BioMedical Services provides a tailored biomedical equipment service team and schedule to keep your equipment running at peak performance.


Our dedication to facilities’ success allows us to resolve equipment problems on a large span of makes, models, and manufacturers.

Dental Offices
Optical Offices
Veterinary Offices
Cardiology Offices
Dialysis Centers
Doctors Offices
Surgical Centers
Imaging Centers
… and more
medical equipment repair
Biomedical Equipment

(BMETs) handle everything from installation and calibration to testing, inspection, and repair.

Blood pressure machines
Patient monitoring equipment
Video systems
Communication systems
Biomedical test equipment
Anesthesia machines
Chemical analyzers
Dental equipment

Cardiac monitors
Infusion pumps
Surgical equipment
Telemetry systems


Houston, TX is one of the leading cities in the world that revolves around the medical industry. We know and are fully aware of how important your medical equipment is to your business, which is why we offer on-site repairs and field-dispatched biomedical technicians to cover a variety of medical and laboratory equipment. By utilizing our on-site services, you can avoid having to transport heavy equipment at extra costs and feel better knowing that your imperative equipment is being worked on in the comfort of your own business. At Gray & Green BioMedical Services, customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Part of this is making sure that we are reachable to our clients on a daily basis no matter the size of your facility or the size of your requirements. With availability 24/7, we can address your equipment issues in a timely manner and send someone out to help as soon as possible.

In addition to the crucial medical equipment repairs you need, we can assure you that your repairs remain electrical safety compliant and approved through the Joint Commission compliant risk-based clinical engineering medical equipment management plan. For many places such as hospitals, having a Joint Commission Certification (JCAHO) is required by law in order to receive payment from Medicare and Medicaid programs. The Joint Commission accreditation sets the bar for your medical business and keeps the risk of incidents low, allowing your company to truly reflect a state-of-the-art standard. A survey carried out by a Joint Commission surveyor is done a minimum of once every 39 months, or 2 years for laboratories, to make sure that healthcare organizations comply to the standards set by them.

Along with upholding JCAHO certification compliance, we also specialize in program compliance with TJC, ECRI, ASHE, NFPA, SMDA, OSHA, and other regulatory agencies and codes. At Gray & Green BioMedical Services, we do our very best to work with you and your biomedical equipment so that you meet the requirements and regulations of various organizations.

If you have been attempting to find the missing link to your medical equipment repair problems, look no further than Gray & Green BioMedical Services. We are a company comprised of highly-trained engineers who have extensive experience within the field. Placing customer satisfaction first, we offer you the best price for quality work delivered when you need it the most.

When you select Gray & Green for your biomedical and imaging needs, you get more than just a quick-fix company. You get the leading biomedical and imaging services business in Houston, ready to actively work on a variety of issues that may arise at your hospital, outpatient clinic, or private practice. We work with any budget and can closely monitor the progress of your project.

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